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Welcome to! A Vision of Our Future

 Welcome to!

This website is dedicated to building a better self reliant sustainable society and providing a model for future communities and society. We may not agree on every detail  and that is ok, however I think we can all agree that we must do better and that we can. Why? Because it’s time!

Creating a Better Society

I have had a vision for a long time of a better society. Others have had similar visions. A society that works together as a community, values peace, prosperity and the brotherhood of man. A more decentralized society, a more self sufficient society that cares for the environment yet embraces technology but is not dependent on centralized energy, factory farming, manufacturing, food distribution, monopolized medicine, etc.

Think about it. How is it that in the 21’st century if the power grid goes down for any number of reasons millions will instantly be thrust back into the 19th century? Refrigerated food will rot, people on life support will die, people will freeze or over heat etc. It is just insane  that we have become this vulnerable in this day and age and there is no reason for it! If we were able to produce energy more as individuals and local communities we become much less vulnerable. That’s just one example.  Centralization  of resources and distribution makes us vulnerable if something happens it can effect the entire country.

I know things are not going to change over night however it has to start somewhere!

It seems we are waging needless wars around the globe as the human family squabbles and fights over their differences and of course resources.

We can do better my friends. You and I can do better! We must do better and think bigger! We’ve come a long way over the centuries and millenniums, however we have a ways to go. It has to start somewhere and it has, however it is time to take bigger steps. We need a model or a seed for a future society. What sort of world do we want our children and grand children to grow up in?

If you limit your choice only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” Robert Fritz

With today’s technology There is no reason we need to be trucking food picked green thousands of miles across country. With permaculture, Restoration Agriculture, and Keyline Water management techniques we can literally replant the Garden of Eden! Look what some simple water management can do: An Oasis in the American Desert. With passive solar greenhouse technology literally every state can now grow anything they currently import. We can create permanent perennial landscapes in and around our communities making us self sustaining without harming the environment..

We are at the mercy of centralized oil and energy corporations when we have had the technology for over a hundred years to be energy independent. With bio fuels like ethanol, bio diesel, bio or methane gas, wood gas, etc. we could have been independent decades ago, not to mention emerging technology for alternatives like hydrogen, fuel cells, and magnetic motors, etc. … Its renewable clean and efficient.

Many of you are realizing there must be a better way. However you may be at a loss as to how to help us all head in that direction. Many are doing what they can within their spheres of influence. Many feel frustrated, a majority seemingly do not care or are unaware. Well friends, Brothers, Sisters, fellow human beings, it starts with you and me.

Dare to dream! What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve!


Imagine for a moment when you need a car or a TV instead of going to a store or dealership you order it on line choosing the features you want and then go to the local library where it is printed out on a 3D Printer? Sound far fetched? Check it out: 3D Printing . The technology is here now and being used.

Imagine farms and perennial permanent landscapes that produce the food fuels and fibers that society functions on without plowing the ground every year destroying the soil (soul) life, no chemical inputs, and an abundance of food in and around our communities.

Imagine living in Minnesota or Idaho and buying home grown oranges or avocados grown right there in the state? It is easily possible with passively heated greenhouses called a “Walipini” or similar greenhouse technology. They are green houses similar to an Earth Ship but with what is called a cold pit in them.

Have you heard about the guy who grows a million pounds of organic food a year on 3 acres using Aquaponics? He’s is the largest farmer in Wisconsin on 3 acres mind you. That is simply amazing! A Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres! The vegetables and plants grow two to three times as fast and only uses 10% of the water used to grow them conventionally. This is a near perfect marriage of technology and farming in a healthy sustainable symbiotic relationship.


It’s easy to complain, it is always harder to come up with solutions. Here are some main points and solutions off the top:

Problem: Petroleum based chemical factory farming is unsustainable and ruining the environment and our health with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMOs etc. Most food travels an average of 1400 miles to get to our tables, which of course uses a ton of energy too. Food grown in this manner is nutrient deficient. It has volume but not quality.

Solutions: We need local/regional food production. Permaculture/Restoration Agriculture, Aquaponics, and green house technology.   These along with Keyline and swale water management are emerging from the shadows pioneered by such men as Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer, Geoff Lawton, and Mark Shepard. These along with many others are offering a road map to a healthy sustainable future for society. They can save us energy, increase yields and use less water with vastly less travel to our tables. It needs to be natural, organic, heirloom, and non-hybrid as much as possible. Working with nature instead of against it. Nature has spent millions of years developing and evolving the fruits of the earth and our bodies have also developed and evolved on those foods so natural is what is best for us. Mimicking nature with Permanent Perennial production landscapes, water retention landscapes that do not need to be replanted every year. Rotating cattle through those landscapes mimicking nature keeps the whole echo system healthy and thriving. Animals are a key ingredient to a perennial landscapes remaining healthy thriving and spreading along with raising healthy animals as nature intended.

Problem: Oil is peaking (not running out) as far as production meaning we produce less then we did 30 years ago but demand is higher and increasing. The low hanging fruit (easy to get oil) is much less now days (we have gotten most of it in the 20th century) and shale and other means are harder and more expensive to get and process so prices will be going up while production continues to decrease… Not to mention the problems fracking is causing and the unknown long term damage to the environment. However, people are getting sick now in fracking areas and ground water has been contaminated. There is no need for this. There are better ways.

Solutions: Ethanol, Bio diesel, methane, and wood gas/gasification etc. all need to be ramped up along with research into alternative energies such as over unity devices etc.. They also need to be done locally and regionally not using the gasoline model with centralized processing plants trucking fuels thousands of miles, or they are not as cost effective. However the idea they don’t put out as much energy as they take to produce is a myth put out by those whose profits are threatened by clean alternative sustainable fuels. We have the technology.

Problem: We waste tons of water. Sewage and water treatment plants are not sophisticated enough to filter out exotic chemicals that we consume in medicines and food etc.  Now they are showing up in the water supply . Water use is increasing exponentially and our aquifers are not being replenished as fast as we are depleting them in some areas. Large sprinkler systems on factory farm fields often spray water in hot sun and or wind causing evaporation leaving more salt content in the water. This along with salt based artificial fertilizers and the fields are slowly being salted.

Solution: We need to build water retention landscapes as in Permaculture/Restoration Agriculture. Keyline and swale water management can provide water for every farm and recharge aquifers with little to no maintenance. Also to compost our manure and collect and filter rainwater locally and individually. 1 inch of rain on 1000 square feet of roof is 500 gallons of water. Nature brings water right to us but we do everything we can to drain it away and then have to expend lots of energy to get it back out of the ground when all we need to do is collect it right were we live.

Problem: Credit based fiat debt money system is completely unsustainable and could implode at any moment and we see the effects already with the 2008 crash and we are likely heading for a bigger crash.

Solution: Fair trade. Sound or hard money such as gold and silver and local alternative currencies that are backed by precious metals or commodities. Not leaving it in the hands of government anymore. No more credit based currencies and no more fractional reserve period, fair value for fair value!

Moving forward

We need to build demonstration sites and teach others by example what is possible. That is our goal here to do just that. Will you help us? If not us, then who? If not now, then when? The time is now my friends. We are the people we have been waiting for, will you join us? Ok then lets get started!


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