DIY 30 Year Solar Panels For Half the Cost

DIY Solar Panels For Half the Cost

I have had some solar cells I bought a couple years ago sitting around collecting dust. My plan then was to make my own solar panels. I was excited and read up on how to do it. However I discovered my mono crystalline cells did not last as long unless they were sealed up against the weather and oxygen so I did nothing and considered selling them and ended up sitting on them for the last few years…

Fast forward to a few months ago when the state of things got me re-energized to shore up preparations for possible economic meltdown and I started looking at solar stuff again. Well it turns out that there is a liquid encapsulate you can buy that can be poured over them that seals them up and they will last 30 years and be better and stronger then buying conventional panels.

People were making these DIY panels out of plywood and peg board and they might only last a few years out in the sun and weather. However now you can put them on a piece of 1/4 inch tempered glass pour the encapsulate over them and they will get under it on top and totally encapsulate the cells making them impervious to the weather.

So now my new project is to finally make those solar panels. Here is a good video showing the process. You can buy the aluminum angle from the hardware or home stores. And you can get tempered glass from old windows or from a glass shop. He says to use 1/4 inch glass so it can handle snow loads and hail etc. without cracking or breaking.

You can buy the cells on Ebay be careful to get the highest rated cells and of course you can do more of your own research on what to get. The cells are cheaper now days then when I bought them.

Just thought I would share. There is also plans out there for making inverters too so I am going to look into that and perhaps build a solar system for much cheaper then buying everything from a dealer etc.  Just wanted to share…





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