Heaven On Earth If you Ask me – Sepp Holzer Farming of the Future…

Check out this farm on the side of a mountain in Austria. Simply amazing in high altitude what they grow and do with a style of so called  permaculture he developed himself over 40 years. He makes a good living too with no subsidies no fertilizers or chemicals and no irrigation etc… It’s heaven on earth of you ask me.

They work with nature and make little micro climates using rocks, raised beds (not like what you think) terracing, water, and ponds etc…  They even grow citrus at 4000 feet with no greenhouses using these micro climates  allowing them to grow things at altitude that supposedly will not grow in those altitudes.  They also have exotic fish in some of the ponds that could not survive otherwise. Simply Amazing what they are doing.

This could be done on various scales. Imagine having a garden you do not have to weed or water?

They produce all their own electricity too with run off from their ponds using a hydro electric generator. Wow what a great example of what can be done! This is the Future! With farms like this we can have abundance and care for the environment at the same time. Factory farming has been very hard on the land. Its time to look at ways of changing that. Sepp Holzer is way ahead of the pack if you ask me!

Wow they use rocks to heat the fish ponds with the sun this is amazing what they’re is doing, we can all learn from it. This is how all farming should be! I am hooked.  I am considering learning German so I don’t miss anything that might get lost in the translation here.

The Agro Rebel

Warning: If you have any dreams or aspiration of living a self sufficient life style you will be hooked!