The Mayans Thought Everything Was Fine – Right Up Till Their Resources Ran Out…


It seems to me our priorities are screwed up a bit. We are all running around working on our various projects causes etc. and missing perhaps the most important thing. Which is societal collapse of which we are in the midst of right now.

I think most reading this will realize our current societal model is unsustainable for various reasons. We don’t all agree on those reasons (and that is another discussion) but we know collapse is inevitable or at least suspect that it is.

Not the End of the World

It may not be the end of the world but it will certainly be the end of the world as we know it. Still most of us push it to the back of our minds and go on in our familiar routines.

That is not necessarily a bad thing for it does us no good to dwell on the negative all the time. However the problem is it often keeps us from preparing to get through the collapse and transition to a new model of society.


The point I am trying to make is that putting to much energy into reviving a terminal patient can be detrimental even though our heart is in the right place and make the collapse and transition that much harder. We need to focus and be preparing for the transition.

We need to prioritize and ask ourselves is what I am expending my energy on worth it.  This does not mean we quit living life and use this as an excuse to withdraw. Most of us cannot do that anyway at this time even if we want to. It just means we need to move preparations to a higher priority and focus more energy there for our own safety and peace of mind.


A large portion of society are oblivious to just how fragile things are which will make any kind of collapse that much worse. What if we wake up tomorrow and the dollar has crashed?  Things will go downhill quite fast from there. It will crash it is a mathematical certainty as all credit based fiat monetary systems in history have ended badly. We are at the end of the cycle (Another discussion for another day). The point is are you prepared for that day?

Your preparation will make the difference between a life threatening situation  or perhaps just an inconvenient transition to a hopefully new and better society.

Normalcy Bias

We have what is called normalcy bias. Normalcy bias is a sort of tacit denial of things going on under the surface so to speak as long are our lives remain seemingly somewhat normal.

Normalcy bias thought processes:

If it is not happening to me it must not be true or it is rare

If it happened to those people they probably deserved it, it will probably never happen to me

If it were true government would be doing something about it

If it were true the Media would be reporting it on every channel

These a just a few.

As someone once said to me; if you have a job it just a recession. if you are out of work for any extended period of time it is a depression.  Our perspective can sometimes be our down fall.

The bottom line is things may seem relatively normal right up till they are not so normal hence the title of this article…




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